Koh Tao : Welcome to the Paradise !


The mountains, colorful boats and cute houses…This island will leave you absolutely speechless. It’s called falling in love at first sight, and a little more each hour. There are so many “must see” on Koh Tao: you can easily stay a week there without getting bored.

Our first stop, West Coast Viewpoint, was my absolute favourite one. That’s not very touristic, we struggled a bit to find it. It’s a 1h30 walk from Sairee Beach, but you can start at the bar restaurant Love @ Koh Tao, which has a stunning viewpoint too btw. A little further, you’ll find another restaurant where you can buy tickets to access the view point. It’s very cheap, worth it, and only ten minutes away now. The viewpoint is hidden between two big rocks, open your eyes widely!


Another thing you have to do when in Koh Tao: go snorkelling! You can borrow an equipment for very little money, at the bar of the beach for example, and use it all day. You’ll discover the underwater world and its colourful pisces, and with a bit of luck, some turtles and sharks at a beach called Shark Bay.

The least but not last must do : an excursion to Koh Nangyuan!
It’s not exactly on Koh Tao but you can go for a day trip as it’s really close. You really can’t go to Thailand without going there: there’s one of the most famous viewpoints of the country and you can swim in an incredible crystal clear water.
A little piece of advice tho: don’t forget to bring your mosquito spray and your suncream. Indeed, you literally have to “run” all the way to the top to avoid being bitten, and one hour underwater is enough to get your back completely sunburnt. 

There’s obviously a lot more to do in Koh Tao if you get to spend more time on this little paradise island. Tell me in the comments what you did !

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